Tuesday, 20 December 2011


I`d like to make business owners aware of the importance of owning your industry related keyword domain. But what is my keyword domain you might ask?... Simple example - combine your service/product + area of operation = yourkeyword.co.za; It`s that easy - usually ... Say for example you are an electrician working in the Sandton, Johannesburg area - and somebody is looking for your service - what is the natural search term they might type into Google? "electrician sandton" of course; Now, if you own the domain - electriciansandton.co.za and your website has been optimized and indexed - you WILL be on the FIRST page of Google without any expensive SEO services or PPC adverts needed. A very cost effective way of getting online if you don`t already have a website is OneWebPage - see www.onewebpage.co.za for more information. You can now get a FREE domain + email and a OneWebPage for only R99/month! No design fees. No contracts, and a 90 day money back guarantee if your chosen domain is not on the first page of Google. Once you own a specific industry keyword domain you should receive VERY specific target hits on your website - this will in return lower your "bounce rate" as seen in your Google analytic report. If you need more information please send me your request to info@onewebpage.co.za